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Manchester – a magnet for digital and tech talent

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Manchester’s technological revolution has not gone unnoticed amongst FTSE 100 companies.

Last year saw Moonpig, HP and GCHQ, amongst others, head North to join the likes of Moneysupermarket Group, Booking Go  and Auto Trader to benefit from the city region’s excellent innovation and tech capabilities.

Amazon has recently announced they will follow suit and open their first UK corporate hub outside London, creating 600 jobs in the process.

In fact, it’s predicted that by 2035, there will be an additional 22,000 tech roles within Manchester that we will need to fill. This is a tall order as attracting talent for any UK tech company is challenging but Manchester does have the advantage of currently being the UK’s most exciting tech cluster.

The sheer scale and profile of the industry here means that we’re seeing  people from all over the UK relocating to join our community. Even born and bred Londoners – tempted by the chance to forge the career they always wanted whilst enjoying a greater work-life balance – are seeing the benefits of moving to Manchester to continue their tech careers.

Last year alone saw a staggering 10,200 people move from London to Manchester with more and more people realising the incredible opportunities available in Manchester.

As the trade body for Greater Manchester’s digital and tech businesses, Manchester Digital has played a significant role in making Manchester a great place for digital and technology businesses. Since our inception we’ve helped home-grown businesses to scale whilst also supporting companies moving into the region too.

As we’ve played a key part in fueling the rise of Manchester’s tech sector, we have gathered some insight along the way into why Manchester is an attractive proposition for tech professionals.

The FT were right when they published an article earlier this week that stated modern-day Manchester’s emergence as a world-leading tech hub is based on three principles: jobs, investment and ideas.

As such, the region’s universities play a pivotal role in the city’s revival. Their work in delivering cutting-edge research in white-hot specialisms such as robotics, AI and pharma is bringing ever-increasing levels of investment to the city.

The opportunity to study state-of-the-art tech at one of Greater-Manchester’s prestigious universities is drawing a pipeline of top tech talent to the region. Having the largest student populations in Europe also helps the region’s investment potential. What’s more, each year a larger percentage of Manchester’s student population opt to stay in the region after graduation to secure a role with the increasing number of tech companies starting up or relocating here.

And it’s not just students that are securing new roles. As Manchester’s tech sector gets more sophisticated, a greater number of high-end, tech specialists are needed – for example, there are roughly 300 data scientist roles available within the city right now that all need filling.

We’re seeing record numbers of tech startups choosing the city as their base, and with that Manchester becoming home to many emerging tech trailblazers who, as well as leading the way in fields such as cyber security, health tech and block chain, are also looking to recruit and quickly scale their companies

Therefore, as well as having exciting companies to work for and a wealth of top-level tech jobs, what else is causing a large influx of people to make the move to Manchester?

The answer is ideas. Great ideas are the result of bright minds collaborating, and Manchester’s digital and tech community is exactly that, a collaborative community.

Boasting one of the largest concentrations of tech meetups in Europe, it’s often said that you could – if you so desired – spend each evening eating pizza at a Manchester tech event instead of going home. It’s not just the number of meetups, but the wide range available. Whether it is Bitcoin, Java or futurology that takes your fancy, moving to Manchester allows you to find your tribe and make connections you’ll keep for a lifetime, the copious amount of tech events, meet ups and coding clubs in the city offer a great place to start.

Finally, people are choosing to move to Manchester as it is genuinely a brilliant place to live – regularly scoring well on lists of best places to live and most innovative cities.

Whilst living in Manchester is cheaper than the capital when it comes to house prices, pints and public transport, insights from people that have made the move already tell us that it is Manchester’s vast array of arts, culture, nightlight and greenspaces that make life in the North more vibrant and fun.

That’s why we believe that if you’re a tech professional that wants to be a part of something exciting, it might be time you gave serious thought to what Manchester has to offer?

Considering moving to Manchester?

If you’re considering moving to Manchester but would like to know more, you can read case stories from others who have made the move via our content hub #RelocateMCR, check out some of the tech jobs on offer on our job board, or make yourself known the Manchester Digital team by emailing info@manchesterdigital.com.

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