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WEBINAR: Every Second Counts

Free Webinar: June 4th 2019, 11am London

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London Tech Week is pleased to bring you an exclusive webinar in association with IBM on why every second counts when it comes to cyber security.

In today’s world, it feels like a matter of when, not if, a cyber incident will impact your business.  Business Resilience is essential  and preparedness is the key to your ability recover your business, your reputation and your customers.

Join Flick March, an IBM Cyber Resilience expert, on June 4th, 2019, 11am, to experience for yourself how Every Second Counts when disaster strikes and how to minimise the impact.


Felicity March, Cyber Resilience Specialist, IBM

Felicity has spent her life immersed in technology and is passionate about ensuring companies build Resilience right into the core of their strategy and architecture. She understands the importance of Transformation into the Digital World as well as the risks of not having services available.
Felicity started her career as a hacker, and has worked for technology giants for over 25 years, in that time she has worked and advised Companies, Governments and Standards bodies on the emerging IT trends and ensuring integrity and sustainability is baked into the heart of IT.

Felicity has a wealth of expertise and experience throughout her career and her insights and perspective are refreshing. She also is an advocate of driving STEM skills in to the younger generation and is an active mentor and coach to the next generation of technologists.

Felicity lives in Winchester with her family, three dogs and not enough motorbikes.

Twitter @FlickMarch

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