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OVHcloud Startup Toolkit

Welcome to this Toolkit introduction… Take a deep breath, it gets easier from here 😊

This article outlines how cloud computing is key in facilitating growth for startups. Here, we provide a summary of our toolkit; aimed at helping you grow your business, develop your products on powerful platforms, and better serve your market. The full toolkit is available as part of the OVHcloud Startup Program, which provides access to free cloud solutions and solution architecture support.

In addition to business and technology support – which includes free cloud credits, available through our Startup Program – OVHcloud is providing a promotional discount offer exclusively for startups and scaleups as part of London Tech Week. To accelerate your growth, see details below. Get started by joining OVHcloud Startup Program here.

The case for cloud

Innovation is the secret sauce for startups and scaleups. Innovation requires an adjustment in the speed and development of operations, in order to achieve the all-important product-market fit. Innovative and agile business’s, seeking growth, take advantage of cloud computing for multiple reasons. Here’s why the cloud is a good fit for your strategy:

• Cloud can be Opex-based; meaning you subscribe to technology managed as-a-service. This enables you to stay light in capital expenditure and prove your value earlier.
• Cloud is scalable and flexible to grow at your pace and adjust to new requirements.
• Cloud allows you to focus on core strengths and not be held back by operations management or excessive administrative tasks.
• Cloud is making high-performance computing hardware much more accessible, helping to power data-intensive services and deliver more value to your customers.

Let’s look at this in more detail:
In larger enterprises, the executive board focuses on three key areas: revenue (or mission), cost, and risk. In partnership with tech leaders, OVHcloud have overseen projects time and again, that are successful because their business case is built on one of these areas. For startups, this seems to take a different form. Growth is paramount. This is because startups are looking to prove their whole business model and demonstrate customer interest after producing MVPs. Costs need to be kept to a minimum (including future costs) as having less disposable cash to spend on talent or marketing can directly affect revenue. Mistakes here can also affect further investment or funding. Finally, in terms of risk, your business is still at early stage development and does not have legacy systems to complicate requirements for compliance or security. Hence, the risk is in ensuring that innovation is effective, and that your infrastructure is reliable.

Cue the business case for cloud:
Cloud provides three main advantages in terms of your technology infrastructure. Cloud services are simple, flexible and powerful.

Simple because you only pay for what you need, and you avoid the operational burden of managing servers, storage and virtualisation, or planning complex upgrades. This provides many benefits; including cost savings, speed of deployment, and increased efficiency to focus on your most important IT challenges.

Cloud services are particularly flexible, both in terms of being scalable to meet requirements on-demand for peak performance, and adaptable to add new services quickly, or move computing workloads to integrate with different applications.

Cloud gives you access to powerful solutions that would otherwise be hard to develop – it’s possible to achieve high levels of performance to serve web applications and process data, while cloud providers maintain availability for you and overcome challenges with global network traffic.

If needed, you can also consume resources on dedicated infrastructure, specialised for specific use cases; such as graphics-intensive applications or database management.

The case for cloud is widely established. Many startups and scale ups are following a cloud-first approach to their advantage, so the question really becomes about what provider and what type of solution is right for your various requirements.

For example, do you build on bare metal or cloud IaaS, or do you buy platforms and work with SaaS? Depending on how you wish to adopt cloud services, the common cloud service models – including IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (software-as-a-Service) – can provide different benefits in terms of control, speed of deployment, integrations, and management.

You may require a SaaS CRM solution where data is managed for you, and you can simply access the application while your core product processes highly sensitive data. You may also need performance that requires private cloud environments.

A Platform-as-a-Service is best if you wish to develop new software applications without needing to manage the hardware, middleware and operating systems. It’s possible to make use of Kubernetes and on-demand public cloud resources for short development cycles or use specific data solutions (data collection, processing and machine learning).

Ultimately, your business may have highly skilled computing engineers that lead your product development, but you will want to make sure that they can focus on your core business and continue to create a unique value proposition, as well as to ensure that you achieve an innovative market solution.

Working with the right cloud provider will enable you to use the best services for your initial needs, while ensuring you have the performance and open integrations you may need to facilitate growth, without locking you into a long-term commitment.

Freedom to start and scale with the OVHcloud Startup Program
OVHcloud is the leading cloud hyperscaler in Europe and has been a cloud and infrastructure provider for over 20 years, with more than 1.5 million customers worldwide served by 31 global water-cooled data centres.

The OVHcloud Startup Program has been running since 2015 and helped more than 1800 startups. This year it will be relaunching with a new and exciting offering that includes a program for scaleups with access of up to €100,000 in cloud credits and 20 hours of solution architecture support.

The improved Program also provides access to a wider variety of products and services across all our Program levels. Whether you need to host your first website or deliver a FinTech app using sensitive payment data, OVHcloud can provide a cloud solution for you that delivers the best price/performance ratio on the market and scales effortlessly as you grow.

We deliver Open Trusted Cloud solutions that provide the freedom for you to grow your startup without the burden of hidden costs or having to keep up with the evolution of your hardware technology. We do it all for you, so you avoid any unnecessary costs.

The Program has two levels: Start and Scale

For starters
The Start level is for those with a great idea; they might be building their first (or tenth) MVP or looking for trusted and cost-efficient infrastructure to start in the early stages of their business. They might be searching for partners to support them. Sign-up here to join.

For scalers
The Scale level is for those who are disrupting their sector or challenging the status-quo. They might be looking for the optimal infrastructure and network to scale rapidly or aiming to break into new markets.

New Scale Program
The Scale level of the Startup Program provides up to 100K€ of free credits to use on our cloud solutions and 20 hours of project-specific technical and sales support to help you build your infrastructure correctly. Our solutions are set up in a simple way to support you with your projects: take advantage of the flexibility of on-demand resources to scale up from small projects to large-scale deployments, from simple data analytics all the way through to deep learning deployments.

We have an active ecosystem of partners to engage with and grow your solution and business, within which OVHcloud acts as a facilitator:

• Access to OVHcloud experts
• Access to OVHcloud business and technology partners
• Access to accelerators, VCs and additional experts

You can find more information or sign up for the Startup Program here.

Understanding price/performance and why OVHcloud is a leader

As indicated in the report linked in the table above, OVHcloud is positioned as a leader in terms of performance. OVHcloud provides increased bandwidth, substantial IOPS and improved efficiency to help eliminate the bottlenecks that often occur with disk intensive database, machine learning or big data workloads.

When price is included in the measurement, OVHcloud virtual machines cost substantially less while putting out superior raw performance numbers to rival technology matches. In short, OVHcloud hardware gives both the best economy and performance.

Hosting your payment and healthcare data-driven technology with a world-class solution
Through innovation, startups help drive change, which means they are often work with very sensitive data or run business critical environments. If this sounds like your initiative, you may need a highly available platform with SLAs and certifications for specific sectors in order to meet compliance regulations. Our Hosted Private Cloud solution is geared to do just that and has recently been identified as a leader in Europe in ‘The Forrester Wave™: Hosted Private Cloud Services In Europe, Q2 2020’ report.

Hosted Private Cloud provides simple-to-use, reliable infrastructure for ecommerce, web and database apps, with high availability and compliance requirements. The solution will limit the need for growing your IT team to optimise and rationalise infrastructure investment and time dedicated to management.

If you are looking for an alternative to dedicated servers (if not, see our dedicated server discount offer here) to gain time and gain flexibility to scale, then you can access the Hosted Private Cloud solution through our Startup Program (sign up here) using the cloud credits provided.

Big Data and AI
As a startup, your business will more than likely be producing large amounts of data. If you’re already using cloud solutions, you’ll be well positioned to tap into the power of Big Data and AI available in the cloud. Or, perhaps, Big Data and AI sit at the heart of the product or solution you provide? Either way you can access these solutions through the OVHcloud Startup Program where we have been helping startups to do just that.

Rather than get into the technicalities of what we offer, you can read a case study of how we have assisted startups with their Big Data and AI requirements here, or sign up for the Startup Program here – our experienced solutions architects will help you build the solution you need.

Exclusive discount offer!
As part of this startup toolkit, we have included an exclusive discount offer on selected dedicated servers to help you access the full range of our cloud solutions through the OVHcloud Startup Program. Dedicated servers are not normally available with Startup Program credits but if you apply to the Startup Program and are accepted, you will be able to use this discount to get up to 30% off the normal dedicated server price.

Dedicated servers are a good private cloud starting point and have some certification options. They are built for performance & efficiency using the latest CPUs & GPUs in partnership with intel and AMD. They are designed for intensive workloads and offer multiple hypervisor and operating system options.

How to access the discount offer:
• Apply for the OVHcloud Startup Program here
• Enter the code LTWOFFER20 when prompted during the Startup Program application process to provide your incubator/accelerator/startup support programme
• OVHcloud will provide you with a discount code once your application is approved and you will be able to use this code when purchasing your dedicated servers

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