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Global App Growth Trends

by Pinar Guler, Marketing Manager at MobileAction

Mobile apps are changing the way the world works. Even regular businesses that have nothing to do with the industry risk being left behind if they do not have a mobile app that customers can use to track their transactions.

As we leave behind a decade of technological advancements as never seen before, it is important to understand that in order to plan effectively for the future, developers and marketers need to analyze and interpret past and present trends in the industry.

As expected, the past year has been a very busy one for the mobile market. We have listed the highlights of 2019 to help you keep track of the global app growth trends.

Influencers are Influencing More Than Ever

With the growth rates and size of social media, influencers and masses have the power to make or break the public relations of any person, product or company. So, the usage of influencers in app marketing has been more effective than ever.

However, the who and the how are the key. The app and the influencer should be compatible, targeting the wrong people for any product is both a waste of resources and an invitation for potential bad reviews.  Furthermore, the manner in which the influencers plug the app is also key in generating the right first impression.

Smarter Ads from both Apple Search Ads and Google are Potential Game-Changers

There was a time when ads were not as efficient in targeting the right people for apps compatible with their needs. However, this is rapidly changing as ads are better targeted, which makes investing in them potential lifelines for some developers.

Higher levels of effectiveness have made the usage of Apple Search Ads and Google Ads a strong trend that will most likely be even more relevant in the future.

Much Faster Internet is More Easily Reachable

faster internet is more easily reachable

Internet speeds and accessibility have shown huge growth rates and the world is getting ready for even more accelerated growth as 5G technology appears to be around the corner. More than ever, these advancements in technology are making it easier to use phones and apps.

The ability to download apps on the go with fast speeds contribute to mobile markets and their growth. These trends in advancing technologies create new opportunities for App Store Optimization as the usage rate of apps are higher than ever.

Mobile Apps are Expanding to Wearable Technology and Smart TVs

Smart homes and devices are increasing in popularity and Google Play Store, as well as the App Store, have expanded into devices beyond smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to trends in the past few years, you can now access the stores from a multitude of devices. These trends create new fields that will contribute to rewarding strong ASO strategies by users who will potentially use the same app on multiple devices.

Stronger Emphasis on Managing App Ratings and Reviews

With mobile consumers in the center of the mobile market, developers and marketers have started to put more emphasis on customer satisfaction. This translates into faster and more replies to reviews, the implementation of user suggestions and more efficient bug fixing.

Maintaining strong public relations and high customer satisfaction are valuable strategies for developers to grow their products.

Paying Even More Attention to Creativity

Paying Even More Attention to Creativity

The positive effects that creative ads, videos, screenshots, logos, and other visuals have on establishing and expanding popularity are undeniable. As a result, it is important for ASO that visuals, sounds, and content of any given app are creative, self-explanatory and to the point.

When used right, creative content can be all it takes to grab the attention of users and never let go. With new and inspiring material coming out every year, customers have higher expectations and respond well to new and creative material.

Targeting the Right Segments

If you want to sell basketball gear, your best to sell them is finding a group of people who play basketball.

Technological tools are making it easier with every passing year to find the right target market for the right apps. This is a key factor in smart marketing and enabling the efficient use of marketing resources in this regard will provide faster growth and higher sustainability for developers.

The Fight Against Fraud

A number of mobile customers are rightfully worried about losing their personal information to hackers, getting their credit card information stolen or being a victim in a fraudulent campaign. As a result, it is an obligation for developers and marketing teams to be clear about what the app does and doesn’t do.

While false promises in terms of the capabilities of an app may be profitable for the short-term in some cases, it harms the trust of customers and the reliability of companies which results in long-term damage. To prevent this from happening, apps are being more honest about what they are offering to users and what channels they are using to do so.

Trends are leaning towards developers and marketers establishing relationships with users based on trust to ensure the long-term health of the mobile market.

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