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NETDZ: The Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone

The Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone (NETDZ) is located in the northeast suburbs of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, covering 216 square kilometres. It is close to the Xinshengyu Foreign Trade Harbor, China’s largest inland-river harbor.

High-tech products take up more than 70% of the NETDZ’s gross industrial output. And NETDZ has four functional areas: Nanjing Export Processing Zone, National Nanjing Xin Gang High-tech Industrial Park, National Cross-Strait Science and Technology Industrial Park, Nanjing Korea Industry Park and Nanjing LG Industry Park. Over 5000 enterprises (300 international enterprises) , 73 Fortune 500 Companies (like LG,Bosch, gsk, Nikon, etc.) and 6 ten-billion companies had settled up in NETDZ,specialising in leading industries including:

• Artificial Intelligence
• High-end Equipment
• Biomedicine
• Next Generation Automobile
• Integrated Circuit
• Laser Manufacturing
• Cloud Computing
• Internet of Things
• Photoelectric Display, etc.

Tech giants in China like DJI, Jingdong, Face++ and NIO had settled in. And the horizon robots company, which had a valuation of more than 3 billion U.S. dollars, is the world’s first valuation of AI chip start-up.

NETDZ UK Overseas Collaborative Innovation Center:

Cooperated with CENTI Group ( China-Europe Networks of Technology and Innovation), Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone (NETDZ) set up the UK Overseas Collaborative Innovation Center in London, aiming to facilitate the technological cooperation and business development between UK and Nanjing.

Participating in 2020 London Tech Week, NETDZ will collaborate with CENTI Group to host online webinars and dialogues between UK and China on technology and innovation topics, providing more opportunities to learn about each other and explore potential cooperation opportunities.

Benefits for connecting with NETDZ:

1. Up to 1 million RMB venture capital can be obtained.
2. Free talent apartments arrangement for and housing subsidy.
3. Assistance to introduce high-end talent employees, and support in settling down, children’s enrollment, spouse employment and other life support.

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